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Next Week at BPS: 3rd October 2017

With our Portrait competition coming up in November we have a talk on October 3rd by our Vice President Mark Hughes on Portrait Photography. A lot of people are nervous about this subject as in most cases we're dealing with other people and their confidence in front of a camera. Hopefully Mark will share with us all the information we need to approach this area of photography with new confidence. Ken Ness our President has emailed around members to get feedback on Peter Paterson’s Workflow and Techniques talk recently and we value your opinions we plan to take them into consideration and construct a Question and Answer Post Processing workshop which will follow Mark's talk on Tuesday 3rd a

Techniques and Workflow with Peter Paterson FRPS MPAGB MFIAP

A very big thank you to Peter Paterson for his talk tonight on techniques and workflow from Adode Bridge through to Camera RAW through photoshop and on to printing. A very informative and clear talk which many of us will likely agree was both inspirational and educational. He shared some very interesting tips on non-destructive editing that can help us to bring the best out of our photographs following a few simple rules and techniques. The results speak for themselves the prints he also brought along for viewing were of a high standard and quality, absolutely beautiful. It was also lovely to see such a good turnout this evening for his talk, a full house! Also nice to welcome new members to

New Forum Signing up and Logging In

Signing up and signing in. We have a brand new forum and you can find it at at our new website brechinphotographicsociety.co.uk it remains that access is for members only, so any topics started can only be read and replied to by other members of our club. You will need to sign up afresh and need to sign in in order to access the forum. (Once we approve your membership you'll get an email confirming this. You should be ok to sign in from that point onwards) Instructions on how to join: Click forum tab on website menu you can locate this on the far right of the menu on a laptop, mac or desktop pc. Or on mobile you can access the forum via the drop down menu and it will be the last listed page

Solo Exhibition-Brechin Town House Museum

The Solo Exhibition was first displayed at the Brechin Town House Museum in 2014. The stated aims were:- a) to give members an opportunity to exhibit up to 4 of their pictures for the general public to see. b) to maintain a BPS presence in the town. c) to take advantage of free advertising. We all have images that never see to light of day and it was thought at the time it would afford a platform for all members, whatever their expertise, to show their photographs outwith the club without a judge in sight. Initially 9 of us provided our images that were on show for around 4 weeks at a time and a schedule was published. Our next solo exhibition starts in October. Members interested in partici

NEXT WEEK: 26th September 2017

Next Tuesday evening through the door of St Andrews Church Hall, Brechin we will be welcoming our guest speaker; a very fine photographer who will be discussing techniques and workflow with us, Peter Paterson FRPS MPAGB MFIAP from Tullibody. To get an idea of the kind of work he does -and it really is very impressive. Visit his website here: http://www.peterpaterson.com/ Should make for a very interesting and enjoyable evening! See you all there!

Drones, Distinctions

Tonight we had a very enjoyable talk from Ian McLachlan about Drone photography which was informative humorous and entertaining. Not to forget we got to see some absolutely stunning photography from his drone flying adventures. We even got a brief demonstration of the drone in action. When we were photographed watching the drone lift off...obviously very carefully and briefly. Amazing kit that produces some truly awe inspiring images that simply cannot in many cases be captured by other methods. He's a brave man to fly this lovely (expensive) drone over the sea! After our tea break we went straight on to Ken Ness our President with a very in depth and informative and sometimes even frank d

Mearns Perspectives

Four of our members, Andrew Hall, Bill Powrie, Peter Reilly and Douglas Cusine are hosting an exhibition entitled Mearns Perspective, at the Grassic Gibbon Centre at Arbuthnott from the 7th to the 23rd October. Please see the attached poster for details. It would be great if some of our members were able to support the project by popping in for a look. The Grassic Gibbin Centre is a lovely spot to pop in for a coffee too.

Practical Night

Practical Night- We are happy to report it went very well indeed with much chatter among club members on all things photography, kit, software and monitors. It's great to see so many people actively participating and learning tips and ideas from each other along the way. We will more than likely have many similar nights down the line as it encourages conversation between members and makes each of us in turn more approachable, to members new and old and of varying levels of skill. There was a feeling in the room tonight that we could have all carried on talking till the cows came home and forgotten about our time limit in the hall. Which is to say, the room was full of enthusiasm and that is

Opening Night 2017

A lovely start to a new season with many familiar faces and several new ones!

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