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Autumn Outing To House of Dun

Autumn Bokeh-Ben Freeman Thank you to everyone who came to the House of Dun today there were some lovely autumn colours and good light too. Please send any successful images to Ben at bpscomps@gmail.com to be shown at our members night on the 12th of December.

Remaining Brechin Photographic Society Magazines-1st Issue

As most of you know by now we introduced the club as a whole to a copy of our debut magazine recently. Issue 1 of the magazine was funded by the club to let members see what an annual publication could be like. As a result we have 9 copies left over so if anyone would like a second copy to send to friends or family they're available on a first come first served basis for the bargain price of £12 each. Once they've sold out there is still the option to purchase extra copies from Blurb directly at this link: http://www.blurb.co.uk/b/8224612 However the cost of shipping for a single copy economy delivery is £5.99 as they are printed abroad. Please if you are interested in our extra copies email

Guest Speaker Tuesday 17th October

Our guest speaker Ian McCurrach from Aberdeen will share his introduction to composition with us this Tuesday night. Ian has spent many years as an art teacher and has judged for us on a number of occasions, his enthusiastic style and artistic slant on photography should make for a brilliant and educational evening. ​ Also this is the night for members to submit prints and projection digital images (PDI's) for our upcoming 'Portrait Competition'. See you there!

Open Competition 2017 Winners

Many thanks to Stewart Dodd LRPS from Dundee for coming along to judge our open competition last night and for his constructive critique. Some of the main points raised during the judging process were as follows: Try to control highlights and shadows so as to ensure maximum detail is retained in the image. Crop out uninteresting and empty areas that lend nothing to the finished composition. When considering your best composition think about leading lines through the image and that the main subject is not hidden behind foreground elements. For dramatic light choose the right time of day to take photos, to add impact to your landscapes. Sometimes less is more, a simple image can pack a lot of

Open Competition 10th OCT Judged By Stewart Dodd LRPS

Ken raised some interesting topics last week - RAW vs JPEG, Back button focusing, Exposure lock button, Using Auto ISO While Mark gave us a very interesting talk on Portrait photography which was very informative and raised questions from club members. If anyone would like further information about these topics or indeed others don't hesitate to approach our committee members who will do everything they can to help you learn and/or improve on your skills and knowledge. This Tuesday we have our open competition Judged by Stewart Dodd LRPS from Dundee, see you all there and good luck to those who've entered the compeition!

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