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Post-Processing Workshop

Post-Processing Post-processing has been a hot topic of discussion in recent weeks! We had the opportunity to look at some of Dianne Owen's pictures, which many members commented on as works of art and not 'photography'. Later on in the season we will have a talk by renowned wildlife photographer, Gordon Rae. Wildlife photography limits photographers to fairly stringent rules as to what post processing is allowed. There is no doubt that the various styles and genres of photography allow for and embrace vastly different approaches to post-processing, but it is worth noting that almost all of us do some post-processing. If we shoot in jpeg on our cameras, the camera is applying pre-set proce

Dianne Owen, Competitions, and Puffins

Dianne Owen FRPS Well, I hope everyone who came along last night enjoyed Dianne Owen's presentation and photographs. The quality of her prints and the long list of awards and accolades she has received speak for themselves, but it was great to understand a bit more about her photos, and how much they mean to her on a personal and emotional level. I found that very inspiring. I won't post any of her images here, as she prefers to have her images viewed in print, or at least in high resolution on her own website, but please check her website out at http://dianneowen.info/ I thought the following quote from her website might be valuable to share though, because there is so much more to photog

Open Competition entries

Next week we have a very exciting guest speaker, Dianne Owen - but more about that in due course... Next Tuesday (18th September) is also the deadline for submission of Projected Digital Images (PDIs) for the 'Open' Competition. Members are invited to submit up to 2 PDIs on a subject of their choice. These should be sized in accordance with our new requirements of 1600 x 1200 pixels, and submitted either using the competition entries form on the website, or directly by email to bpscomps@gmail.com. Be sure to give your image a title. As mentioned on opening evening, if you have difficulty with resizing images, send the original jpeg file and we will resize it for you. If you have any ques

Practical Night - 11/09/18

Each season, we have a practical night on the second week back. This is generally very relaxed and aimed at practical skills, socialising with and learning from others. It also provides an opportunity to sign up for the season for those who missed last week, and talk through a few ideas for the season ahead. We have a better laptop than in previous seasons, with an up to date version of lightroom and photoshop - so anyone who has any unedited RAW files that they'd like to send to Ben at bpscomps@gmail.com, or bring on a memory stick on the night, we can edit them live and give you all an idea of what we can accomplish with the new equipment. This might spark ideas for future members' nigh

Welcome Back Everyone!

Thank you to everyone who came along to the opening night tonight, I hope it whet your appetites for the season ahead. We really do have some very exciting guest speakers and lots of ideas for members' nights, as well as the competitions. The full programme can be downloaded here. A couple of people asked if the presentation on competitions could be made available on the website - so it can also be downloaded here. Next week - 11th September 2018 - we have a Practical Night A night aimed at practical skills, socialising with and learning from others For practical night we request our members send us an unedited RAW file to Ben Freeman at bpscomps@gmail.com (please also include your name of

The New Season Starts!

We hope you've all had a great summer. It doesn't seem like very long since the AGM, but Tuesday marks the start of the new season. We look forward to welcoming members old and new. We've worked really hard to try and pack this season with as much as possible to entertain, inspire and challenge you all. We have some brilliant speakers (sharing costs with other local clubs to enable us to bring in people from further afield), and some brand new judges for you to disagree with. Brechin Cathedral On Tuesday Ken will outline what we have in store, and Ben will give you all a rundown of the competitions for the season, as well as a brief look back at some of last season's successes - including

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