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Town House Exhibition

This Saturday our annual exhibition opens at the Townhouse Museum. The exhibition will run from Saturday until the 2nd June. The museum is open Tuesday to Saturday from 10am until 5pm. The exhibition includes images from a large number of our members, as well as projection of the winning images from this years' competitions. If you haven't been to the Town House Museum before, please see the map below for directions.

Seascape Photography Workshops

As part of the club auction, Mr Hastie thought it would be a great idea to offer a seascape workshop by me for sale. This immediately made me extremely nervous, because I'm far from convinced that I am qualified or able to teach anyone anything about photography! However, the aim was primarily to raise funds for the club, and to my amazement the workshop sold twice over. My aim therefore was to, at the very least, provide the bidders with a good day out to some beautiful places. However, after completing the two workshops, I have learned a lot myself, and hope that the participants have taken something away from them too. I thought it might be worthwhile writing this blog to run through s

96th Scottish International Salon Results

The results of the 96th Scottish international Salon are now available, and Brechin Photographic Society finished a respectable 13th in Scotland, with nine acceptances from 63 entries. Sadly there were no awards this time round. Hayley-Jane did superbly with six acceptances, Ken Ness received one, and Ben received two. Thank you to all that entered - I'll forward on the individual scores when I get them. Congratulations is also due to Andy Hayes - who was 8th= overall with 11 acceptances, an Honourable Mention and a Gold Medal, and to Ian Hastie, who received three acceptances (both entered via their other clubs) I'm quite sure the list will grow if the standard of photography in the club k

Audio/Visual Night brings the season to a close

A/V NIGHT Tomorrow night we have the last members' night of the 2018/19 season, and hope to finish with a really fun evening. As you may have seen from the website and the Facebook page, we have set two summer challenges - one of which is to prepare an A/V presentation. A/V has been a recognised genre of photography for some time, although not something we have explored in any depth at the club. It has been something of a niche for years, but modern technology that almost all of us have at our disposal makes it surprisingly easy to do. Almost all of our guest speakers this year have shown some form of A/V in their talks, because it's a great way to show off images! David Pickford, who gav

Isle of May Summer Outing

Big day out on Sunday 14th July for your diaries. Back by popular demand - Our annual Isle of May trip - hopefully seabirds galore and perhaps the odd puffin. Its not all about birds, there's a great history about the island and some nice architecture and RUST! Sailing time to Isle of May is 11.00am but please be at harbour well before then.....and post car sharing opps etc. If you get there early you may be able to grab a top level view from boat (and then run inside 2 minutes after setting off) Assuming the weather is fine, the boat will also take us right round the island, either on the way or on the way back (tide dependant) - which is a fascinating experience. After we return back

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