Forthcoming Competition Entries

September 29, 2019

We are delighted to report that the number of entries to the first round of the Annual Image Competition was the highest we can remember.  It's great to see members getting involved in competitions, as it is a great way to learn.  Judges won't always say nice things, and often we may disagree with them, but when they are offering their feedback on 60+ images in an evening, there is always advice and knowledge to glean from their expertise.


The next two competition entry deadlines are approaching now.  The first is the second round of the Annual Image Competition, which is print for divisions 1 and 2, and digital for division 3.  Remember that you can submit up to two entries for each round.


On the 8th October, and again on the hand in deadline of the 15th October, there will be a box at the back of the room for prints.  Prints must be accompanied by a matching PDI, sent by email to bpscomps@gmail.com in the usual way.  This is used for projection on the judging night so all members can see the picture clearly, but for print competitions, the judge will only be given the print.


The judge will be David Sadler ARPS CPAGB EFIAP from Dundee


If anyone is in doubt about printing or mounting of prints, please speak to the competition secretary (Ben) who can advise.  Prints should be no smaller than A5 in soze, and mounts should be no larger than 400 x 500mm (or 20" x 16").  The picture below shows a typical image, sized 200 x 300mm in a 400 x 500mm mount.

The following week, the 22nd October, is the deadline for submission of Mini Panel entries.  The Mini Panel was devised as a means to encourage members to look at how a panel of their images could have a greater impact than a single image, and also start the path towards considering photographic distinctions, where panels of 15 or 20 images are submitted.


The entry process has been simplified as much as possible - simply email six PDIs to bpscomps@gmail.com, titled with numbers to show where they are to be placed in the panel.  The competition secretary will then make up the panel for you, and the judge will be sent your six images AND the final panel to consider.  The images below explain the process of submitting an entry.


The panel will be arranged with images 1-6 as shown above.

Simply re-name your files to show the correct sequence, and email them in the normal way.

The competition secretary will then arrange the panel for you and send it to the judge, along with the six original images.


The judge will be Malcolm MacBeath ARPS from Kirriemuir, who has judged for us a number of times in the past, and always has valuable feedback to give.


As always, if you have any queries, just ask the competition secretary. 


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